Unoaerre wedding rings and rings in white gold, rose gold, yellow or two-tone gold

One of Unoaerre's areas of greatest expertise are wedding rings

Since 1926, with over 90 years of experience and tradition, Unoaerre has been known worldwide for being the trusted 100% Italian goldsmith company. In fact, the brand is one of the main brands in the world to have specialized in the production and distribution of jewelery and goldsmith products in over forty countries. The perfection of mass production, the innovative design, the meticulous quality control, the guarantees issued with the product and the authenticity certifications are just some of the reasons that drive customers from all over the world to choose Unoaerre. With direct branches in France and Japan, it is in Italy that the brand gives its best, and it is here that it has become the official brand of wedding rings, with a network of over 100 distributors and 4,000 points of sale. What makes it even more pleasant to rely on Unoaerre is the seriousness of the brand: after having joined the Responsible Jewelery Council, the most restrictive safety standards and noble principles of ethical value, it also obtained Accredia recognition, as its alloys Gold and silver respond perfectly to international values. From the beginning, Unoaerre has shown its strong social sensitivity. It is no coincidence that the vision of the brand is precisely to contribute to the development of the places surrounding the production areas, refining not only creative skills but also enhancing the historical heritage of our country. From traditional yellow gold, to white gold, to rose gold, Unoaerre helps make one of the most exciting days of life even more unforgettable. Made without welding, Unoaerre wedding rings are perfect, and represent in all respects the most precious jewel in life. According to ancient legend, the wedding ring is worn on the left ring finger, because the vena amoris passes through there, i.e. the one connected directly to the heart. Unoaerre treasures these legends and puts all the passion and professionalism that the Made in Italy goldsmith tradition requires into each wedding ring. For over 90 years, Unoaerre wedding rings have united couples from all over the world and the secret of their fame lies in their simple refinement: they are unique wedding rings, distinctly elegant, more resistant to wear than any other gold jewellery.

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